Improve your commute to work

It’s easy to get into the habit of jumping onto public transport or heading out in the car in the morning, it may seem like the most sensible idea but have you really thought about how long it takes, the money it is costing and how it is affecting your wellbeing. Here are our top reasons why your commute would be improved if you rode to work by Ebike.

  • No more traffic jams – hit the cycle lanes, smaller, less busy roads and or country paths and bypass the stop start traffic. You may find your commute ends up quicker.
  • The money saving aspect – no more petrol costs, parking fees, tax, insurance or public transport fees.
  • You’d be helping the environment as our EZEGO electric bikes are emission free.
  • An improvement in your health and fitness would soon become apparent as you hit the bike pedals rather than the car accelerator pedal.
  • it can have a positive effect on your wellbeing – fresh air, nicer views (rather than dark tubes and packed buses/trains) and generally a more pleasant way to travel.
  • You can get off and go – no waiting around for public transport to turn up, no queuing in traffic and no frantically searching for a parking space.
  • It gives you the ability to be adventurous – travel new paths, cycle ways and roads rather than sticking to the same old route to work.