Taiwan bound for 2021 production inspection

This week, James, our Managing Director, arrives in Taiwan to inspect our new 2021 production runs, and also continue development for our 2022/23 models.

A 14-day quarantine period is required under a Government approved quarantine hotel. Here we can give you an insight of what it is like to visit Taiwan under current travelling conditions.

Upon arrival at Taoyuan International Airport, you are greeted by ground staff, who check your arrival paperwork (mainly your PCR test report from Country of origin). A mobile phone connection is required throughout your stay, as you are required to download a Government sponsored APP so that your location can be monitored at any time. Sim cards are sold at this point, with a 2-month package costing around £50.

After experience of doing these quarantine stays, it becomes easier each time. It comes down to 3 main things: Room, Food, Entertainment.

Pick a room that is new(ish), therefore clean, and with plenty of space to walk around for some exercise. In Taiwan, you can only open your door for food deliveries, and to place garbage bags outside for collection. Some countries let you out for 1 hour to a private area for exercise, Taiwan is not one of those countries.

On your first day, the local police authorities will contact you (as you have registered your SIM card at the airport to the tracking APP you have downloaded). The Taiwanese police are very polite and helpful, and after a brief introduction, they explain that you can’t leave the room, if you leave the room with your phone they will know, if you leave without your phone and you miss a call from them, they will be knocking at the door. No problem.

Your temperature is checked (by yourself) every morning and evening, and a photo of the result is sent to your assigned police officer via whichever phone APP you prefer. Your photo is acknowledged, and a thank you is the reply (as mentioned, they are very friendly).

The days just roll by, as you fall into a daily routine, and soon enough, your stay is finished and you are free to leave the hotel. I can’t thank the staff at the Lumi Hotel enough, they were fantastic.  After leaving the hotel, you are required to stay away from public areas/transport for another 7 days as a precaution.

If you ever need any advice on how to travel to Taiwan, let us know, and if we can give any tips or information, we are happy to help.

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Immigration is next, followed by luggage collection, followed by a visit to the (again) Government sponsored taxi stand. These private vehicles are subsidised by the Government to take you to any location in Taiwan for a very small charge. Once myself and my luggage was sprayed with alcohol cleaner, the 2-hour drive to Taichung was just 1080 NTD, less than £30.

Arriving at the hotel in the evening is a bonus, as your arrival day is counted as day 0. Only a couple of hours of day 0 left!

Luckily, Taiwan allows food to be ordered and paid for via your phone. They will deliver your food to your door then notify you it is there. I have been in some countries where outside food is not allowed. If this is the case, before you book the hotel, ask for the food menus.

Plenty of work to do here at EZEGO, and along with Netflix, a PlayStation, a walk around the room now and again, the days tend to go by very quickly!