What is a Folding E-Bike

A Folding Electric Bike is exactly that! It’s an E-Bike that very cleverly folds, generally in the middle, at the handlebar stem and at the pedals whilst also allowing for the seat post and handlebar stem to be lowered to make the bike easier for storage and or transportation.  The principle of this, is that when folded, it enables the bike to be more easily carried on public transport, or into buildings – which helps with mixed-mode commutes.

One of the immediate differences between a folding electric bike and a regular bike is its frame and wheel size, both smaller than a regular bike. This helps achieve the compact size when folded. Our Folding E-Bike comes in one frame size, but has a long, adjustable seat post and handlebar stem which means that the bike is suitable for riders of a broad range of sizes.

In the UK, some transport networks including the Underground in London, permit users to travel with folding bikes at all times, whereas in most cases, transportation of regular, unfolded bicycles is restricted to pre-booking and more often than not at the discretion of staff.

Our EZEGO Folding E-Bike is therefore ideal for multi-step / mixed-mode commutes, you can ride your electric bike, for example, from home to the train station. The bike can be quickly folded and stored on the train during the journey, and then unfolded and ridden from the station to your place of work.

They are also ideal if storage space is short at home, if you live in an apartment, or if you holiday by caravan/motorhome.

View the EZEGO Fold For more information about our folding E-Bike.