Why We Love Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes, or Ebikes as they are more commonly known, are becoming an increasingly popular way of getting around. Unlike a traditional bicycle, an Ebike has a battery pack and motor to help assist the rider.  Here are some of our top reasons why we love Ebikes:

  • E-Bikes can help reduce stress
  • They encourage a healthier, fitter lifestyle
  • Electric bikes leave you less sweaty, and so are ideal for the commute to work
  • They create zero emissions, meaning they are better for the environment
  • No more traffic jams!
  • With no need for fuel, it can save you money
  • You can explore new, more scenic routes on your commute
  • You don’t need a driving license to ride an Ebike in Europe (as long as it meets EU regulations – Our EZEGO range meets EU regulations)
  • Ebikes can assist the rider in reaching speeds of 15.5mph, even up hills!
  • They are ideal for older riders or those trying to be more active following injury/illness