EZEGO was born in 2019 with the sole purpose of making e-bikes more accessibe to a wider audience.
The brainchild of industry veterans of the more than 50 years combined experience, EZEGO brings you unparalleled quality without costing the earth.
Every component, every measurement, even the finish on every nut and bolt are meticulously selected by the team and tested thoroughly in the most gruelling conditions to ensure the end product is the best it can be.
These e-bikes have been tested to ensure reliablity in all circumstances; from the heat of the Far East, to the steep hills of the Yorkshire Moors, these e-bikes have been there!
Another reason for our success is our back up. We hold all warranty parts in the UK and are always available to answer any questions, whether these be technical or simple product enquiries.
And most of all, we live and breathe e-bikes. We love our product and have a passion for it.
We make cycling EZE.
It’s what we do.
The EZEGO Team

James – Managing Director

With decades working within the sector, James has the knowledge, contacts and expertise to craft market leading products. James has worked in both trade and retail positions within the industry, and has taken that knowledge and experience into the buying and quality control that keep up the high standards EZEGO are known for.

“A lot of my time is spent in the factories to make sure every specification is carefully followed, providing our customers with the best value for money”.

Ben – Design & Development Director

Coming from a background of design, and years in the industry, Ben takes ideas and turns them into reality. Keeping in close contact with our ever growing network of dealers, every comment and piece of feedback is taken into account when developing the best bikes to suit the needs of you, our riders.

“Feedback from our riders is the most important factor in our designs”.